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We’re a cybersecurity consulting firm, with proficiency in attack simulation, security engineering, and digital forensics.

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what we do

At Eidolon Associates, we’re building a firm with proficiency in multiple cybersecurity disciplines – focusing on challenging work for our clients, while bringing veteran and attentive associates to enable our client’s vision.

Attack Simulation

Attack Simulation

Compliance operations and risk management frameworks are steps in the right direction to increase your security posture. Wouldn't you like to know how secure you really are? Whether you are looking to test the security of a specific system, application, or cloud, our team members test your defenses using the same modus operandi as malevolent entities providing you with actionable insights and accurate assessments of your security posture and risks.

Security Engineering

Security Engineering

Security is not an add-on feature, it must be engineered into your systems from the start. From policy to technology choice and implementation, security concerns affect all aspects of your processes and systems. Proactive risk mitigation often involves new configurations and new technology to be deployed in your enterprise. Modern systems often rely heavily on 3rd party platforms, not just for hosting services for end-users, but for the development of the systems themselves.


Digital Forensics

Many proficient adversaries can penetrate networks for months at a time, undetected while they pivot through a targeted infrastructure or application. Stopping an active attack or breach can be swift, however collecting all of the breadcrumbs Our Forensics services deliver investigative reports with clarity detailing what data may have possibly infiltrated. We don’t stop at investigating your network we scour the dark web for any traces of your private data.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple; you have trade secrets, private customer data, and other sensitive types of information, we help you protect your information and reputation. Our full cycle approach ensures that each engagement aligns with your business objectives.



Conducting reconnaissance is the first step to understanding your current security programs and understanding the current threat landscape you are facing.



Identifying objectives and milestones that are critical path for success.



Operational planning is the key to success for any successful mission. We ensure we are aligning out objectives to your desired business outcomes.



We are now operational, it’s time to put the plan into action.

Who We Are

We are hackers first and foremost, trained in offensive and defensive operations as well as engineering and forensics.

Our Vision

Eidolon Associates focuses on real world risks that effect business outcomes, we embrace this reality to help keep our clients secure. We are securing our clients future today.

Our Mission

We want our clients to sleep sound at night, knowing they are making the right decisions in protecting their organizations. Part of our endearing mission requires us always to have our clients and associates backs. One team, one shared vision.

For us core values are just that

Our guiding principles set the stage for successful engagements for our clients and ensure our associates enjoy a great work-life balance.
  • Agility

    Staying ahead of advanced persistent threat actors requires us to think on our feet. Our associates have the correct tools and training to adapt and overcome to seize the day.

  • Confidentiality

    We can keep a secret. The nature of our business often means we must take extra sensitive care of client data. To facilitate this, we use many advanced techniques to ensure your data never ends up in the wrong hands.

  • Transparency

    We don’t hide anything from our reports or products. However, we do understand the sensitive nature of the data our clients entrust us with.

  • Level UP

    Enabling all Eidolon Associates to reach their next level. Advancement and achievement embody our DNA. Always Evolving.

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